Community Supported Fishery Frequently Asked Questions

Fulton Fish Market Community Supported Fishery? What is that?

Community Supported Fisheries are generally found in seaport towns. People in the town can purchase a “share” from the local fishing boat. This provides great, fresh fish for the participants and a source of income for the fishermen. At we do not think this type of service should be limited to just coastal towns. When talking about ocean fish, our U.S. coasts are really part of all our local communities.

What is

We provide an online option for consumers and restaurants alike to order fresh seafood from the largest fish market in the U.S. The Fulton Fish Market is a cooperative of dozens of families supporting the fishing trade both locally and globally. The market is part of American history and has operated in New York City for nearly 200 years.

What kind of seafood will be delivered?

We are concentrating on fish. Specifically, wild fish sourced from the U.S. waters.

These fish may be Black Bass, Bluefish, Hake, Mahi Mahi, Monkfish, Porgy, Spanish or Boston Mackerel, Striped Bass, Flounder, Swordfish, Tuna or Tilefish to name a few.

We may occasionally provide a farmed selection from a responsible, quality Aquaculture fishery. A farmed selection might include Salmon, Trout or Hybrid Striped Bass.

Fishing is very seasonal, as winter approaches; wild, sustainable global selections may be offered as well. We would love your input on other types of seafood you would like to receive in your weekly delivery - Mussels? Oysters? Crab? There are many choices available.

Is the fish sustainable?

The U.S. has the most highly regulated, monitored fishing in the world. The FDA, Federal authorities and the New York State Department of Agriculture carefully monitor fish and seafood selections in the market. Because fish is often seasonal, our selections will concentrate on primarily local, sustainable fish.

Wild vs. Farmed?

We will be concentrating on wild caught fish. However, there are many responsibly raised, chemical and additive-free farmed selections as well. We may introduce you to a farmed choice on occasion. With the ever-growing world population, farmed fish is the best, healthiest choice for feeding our communities. With more and more people turning to fish as a healthy food source, sustainably farmed fish or Aquaculture is a great, healthy alternative choice for feeding our communities.

I would like Organic Fish.

Today, there is not organically certified fish in the U.S. Organic fish must be farm raised. The environment and feed that fish eat needs to be controlled and monitored; there is just not a way to accomplish this with a wild fish.

How is the product selected? Can I specify the type of fish I want each week?

Fresh fish is brought into the market each night. Robert DiGregorio, a Fulton Fish Market veteran and expert on local fish, and Anthony Dattolico, a Culinary Institute of America trained chef, walk the market each night looking for the freshest fish for our program. You can be sure that the product you receive will be the freshest available. Generally, out of the water for less then 24 hours!

What do I receive?

The fish is purchased by the share. A share contains two, 8oz servings of fish. Your fish will come filleted, portioned, scaled. . . ready to grill, sauté, pan fry for a quick and delicious dinner. Feeding a family? Just order multiple shares!

The day your shares are available for pickup, you will receive an email. In the email will be a description of the fish that is being delivered that day, a quick and easy recipe suggestion and, perhaps, even a short cooking video to watch.

Can I enroll anytime?

Enrollment occurs prior to the program start. If you are interested in joining at the start of the next program, just send us an email at and we will notify you when the enrollment period begins.

About product pick up

You may be picking up your fish selections from a locally owned store, your town library, a neighbor’s house or your child’s day care. Wherever the location, you will be reminded with an email on the day your share is available for pickup. There will be a designated pick up window during which period you can stop by for your fish.

Our pickup partner will keep the fish shares stored in our thermal insulated boxes, iced with frozen gel packs. Fish will easily remain fresh throughout the pickup time.

Week one we will provide you with a bag and frozen gel pack in which to take your fish home. After that, we suggest you refreeze that gel pack to reuse with each week’s pick up.

Okay, I picked up my fish . . .

Occasionally, we will have a “meet the fish monger” at your pickup location. We will be able to answer questions, suggest cooking methods and occasionally provide a quick demonstration or schedule a class.

Fish and seafood is healthy for you and your family. Just two servings of fish a week reduces the risk of heart disease by 36%, increases energy and memory! What a simple change to make for your health.

How long does fish last once I get it home?

Your fish is fresh! The sooner you cook and enjoy it, the happier you will be with the product. The packaging your fish is delivered in will keep your fish fresh and safe to consume for 2 – 3 days when refrigerated. If you know you will not be eating your fish within a couple of days, pop it into your freezer to use within the next several weeks.

How long is my commitment?

Each Fulton Community Supported Fishery program runs for 13 weeks at a time, therefore all participants require a 13-week commitment.

What if I’m out of town on the pickup date? Can I temporarily suspend my delivery?

In order for the share to operate smoothly and provide quality fish selections, a 13-week commitment is essential to success of the program. Many people have a friend or neighbor pick up their share if they are out of town. The fish can be frozen until ready for consumption.

I’m interested in becoming a Partner – what’s involved?

It is really quite simple. Sign up to be a partner and provide a pick up location each week. We will provide your share each week at no charge!

Have additional questions? Please contact us at: