CSF Pick-Up Location Partners Agreement

FultonFishMarket.com Community Supported Fishery service is offered to provide fresh, delicious seafood to subscribers each week on a designated day.

The consumer subscribers will visit your Partner Pick-Up Location on a designated day each week during the designated hours and retrieve their seafood "share(s)."

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Benefits of being a FultonFishMarket.com | CSF Pick-Up Location Partners include:

  • Offer a totally unique, valuable attraction in your neighborhood.
  • Create a reason for 25+ consumers to come into your location each week during a defined period.
  • Opportunity to provide a service of value to your immediate community, connecting it with both the healthiest source of protein available and the American Fishing Small Business Community.
  • Opportunity for additional sales to / interaction with customers, both related to the seafood (wine, salt, pepper, oil, lemons) and add on items such as side dish suggestions, wine and any other product you may offer from you shop.
  • Your weekly share of seafood is free!

FultonFishMarket.com will provide:

  • Signage and other promotional material to aid the Partner is signing up consumers to the program.
  • A listing on our CSF website, giving consumers the opportunity to select Partner’s location/delivery day as a subscription option.
  • Online sign up packet for subscribers to become part of the program.
  • Communication program to: support subscriptions, document product being delivered, including recipe, respond to subscriber’s questions.
  • Collections system for subscribers.
  • Deliver superior product to Partner in time to fulfill subscriber orders each week.
  • Product packaged in leak proof, odor free, temperature controlled packaging that will assure product freshness through the pick-up process.
  • Weekly shares will be maintained at proper temperature during fishing, processing, packing and delivery to you.
  • Support during Consumer Setups - Meet & Greet your Fishmonger!

Partner will provide:

  • Exposure to consumers on the program. Partner must create excitement and generate interest. Minimum in the neighborhood is 25 paying consumers per location-day slot.
  • Receive the shipment (generally couriered to you.)
  • Space for keeping the product protected (away from unwarranted personnel handling.)
  • Wait on the subscribers to give them their share.
  • Keep the packaging closed when not waiting on a subscriber, so as to maintain the temperature integrity.
  • Commit to at least one 13 week cycle - Consumer cost per share $18.
  • Subscribers are responsible for retrieving their product each week. You are under no obligation to hold and refrigerate product past the normal pickup day/times.

Each subscription period is 13 weeks long. This agreement covers the current 13 week period.

(if not signee)

I agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement: